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Grocers' pain points compared to Shoalter Technology’s digital solutions

Extravagant maintenance fee to keep up exceptional customer experience

Undoubtedly, the expenses of department store/shopping center operators on maintaining the venue are immense – car park services, shop floor staff hours, furnishing and decorating the venue, to name but just a few.


Instead of investing a vast sum on physical store refurbishments that involves high depreciation rate, running an online shopping mall with Shoalter’s solution involves investing in an array of sustainable and cost-efficient software, and warehouse automation if it suits the needs of your business situation.

High cost of inventory management – space (for merchant storage)

There are always limitations on inventory spaces for merchants in the department stores and shopping centers, hence the limitation on maximizing possible sales volume the merchants all deserve.


Shoalter’s e-commerce platform does not only fit a first-party buy/sell business model, it also enables third-party sales, where merchants are recruited to create their own virtual “stores” on the e-commerce platform and merchants will split the workload by managing their own inventories and product listings. This could largely optimize on the operation costs for the platform operator, and enable faster growth of the online shopping mall.

Long onboarding process for merchants

The onboarding process of merchants in department stores and shopping centers are uneconomically lengthy: commercial terms negotiation, contract-signing, location/store refurbishment, stocking and promotions in advance. The time involved and overhead costs are painful and hindering many up-and-coming merchants.


Shoalter Technology has remarkably shortened the lengthy merchant onboarding process through automating the processes of merchants submitting the application documents, application process tracking and auto-alerts, contract e-signage and customizing individual store fronts on the merchant portal.

Grocers' pain points under the COVID influence

Plummeting shop floor footfall due to lockdown/safety concerns

The brick-and-mortar retail section has gone through the most destructive pandemic in history – in-store footfall has profoundly reduced globally, so as the turnover generated on the shop floor.


The Online Shopping Mall solution Shoalter offers can help ramp up your business into an all-encompassing e-commerce platform where customers could find all the categories they need on a daily basis. A complete fulfillment and last mile solution also bring your business the flexibility to scale up under this special time. Most importantly, Shoalter offers the best-in-market development time.

Concern over proper safety precautions - physical touch over shelves products, customer/staff interaction

Physical touch on the shelved items and store facilities, the uncertainties of customers complying to social-distancing and hygiene protocol and the inevitable interaction between sales associates all generate serious concerns to the safety and reputation of the physical stores.


Shoalter’s solution does not only provide a turnkey solution for traditional department stores/shopping centers to go online in a safe and space-efficient manner, we also take care of your order fulfillment facilities, workflow procedures, last mile facilities and much more – all you would need to get an online shopping site up and running with incredible time-to-market.

Bounded retail space of the physical stores

However spacious the store location is, the physical nature of it has always set bounds to the total retail space, with enormous investments in expanding the room for more merchants, hence restricting the number of merchants in establishing their business on-site and leaving out numerous merchants with much potential.


The number of merchants our Online Shopping Mall solution can enable has the absolute advantage over the number of merchants a land-based shopping mall could accommodate. The range of product categories and SKUs could be significantly amplified without compromising the product quality.

Our Turnkey Solution


- The Core Digital Platforms

- Comprehensive Backend Systems


- IT Hardware

- Automated Fulfillment Equipment

- Facilities for Last Mile Delivery


- User Training and Help Desk Support

- On-going System Maintenance

- 24/7 System Monitoring

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Why Shoalter Technology ?

Robust Software

The software we built had been proven to be efficacious and attending to every aspect of an online marketplace.

Exceptional Hardware Installation

We incorporate state-of-art technologies into the hardware designs of our automated warehouse.

Technical Know-How

Every business process, operation logic and automation algorithm involved are the fruits of the Group’s 7-year
e-commerce experience.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

We will not just call it a day after the initial set-ups, subsequent support on software enhancement and hardware maintenance will also be provided.

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